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Brighten Your Yellowed Smile With Teeth Whitening

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Dr. Walden talks about Teeth Whitening in Chandler, AZ
Teeth Whitening Chandler, AZ

Get Better Whitening Results!

While teeth whitening products bought at a pharmacy offer some results, dentist supervised, at-home options will get you better results!

We offer better results because:

  • We Have Stronger Bleaching Agents
  • We Use Custom Made Mouthpiece Trays
  • We Use Additional Protective Measures
  • We Have Better Treatment Planning

Get a Brilliant, Bright Smile with Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening products are available in grocery and drug stores but none can match the effectiveness of the professional brightening agents offered by your dentist. When you want to safely yet dramatically brighten stained teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. William Walden for teeth whitening in Chandler, AZ. Dr. Walden can help you to achieve a brilliant, brighter smile using gradual home whitening. Visit our office to enjoy the following benefits of professional whitening:

  • More comfortable customized mouth trays
  • Monitored by Dr. Walden to ensure the health of your teeth and gums
  • More of the active ingredient to brighten your stained teeth
  • Choose whether you want instant, dramatic results or a gradual change over time

Professional bleaching gel contains 32% carbamide peroxide


Drugstore whiteners contain a weaker 10% to 22% of the active ingredient


Customized mouth trays must be worn for 10 to 15 minutes a day twice a day for 14 days with LumiBrite professional bleach

Patient Transformations

Before After

Teeth Whitening

Before After

Teeth Whitening

Visiting Dr. Walden for professional whitening of your stained teeth ensures that you receive a healthy, beautiful, more even result.

To rid your smile of stained teeth and achieve a brighter, whiter smile, contact our office today.

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