Few things are more charming than watching kids enjoy playing sports. An increasing number of children in the United States are obese and suffer from the types of diseases that go along with obesity. That is why it’s almost always a good idea to get kids up and moving, and to encourage them to play outside.

However, children’s sports have their own set of associated risks. There’s always the chance that kids can become injured when they play too rough. These include injuries to the mouth, knocked-out teeth, and even broken jaws. The good news is that a custom mouthguard can help protect your child’s teeth and mouth when he or she is playing sports.

What Is a Mouthguard?

Mouthguards are rounded trays made of plastic or rubber that fit inside the mouth and cover the teeth. They provide protection during sports and reduce the risk of teeth being damaged when they collide with each other or another surface. They can also be worn in select other situations, such as to prevent teeth grinding.

Who Can Wear One?

Children as young as four can wear a mouthguard as long as it is the right size for them. Adult mouth guards are generally too big for children, so they need special youth mouth guards. Children with braces can also wear mouthguards safely, and in some sports such as wrestling are required to do so.

How Do You Get One?

Mouthguards even for very young athletes can be purchased at sporting goods stores. However, there is no guarantee that these mouthguards will fit a child’s unique face shape. To get the best possible fit, consider having your dentist custom-fit a mouthguard for optimal comfort.

To find out more about whether your child needs a mouth guard, call the office of your family dentist in Chandler, AZ.